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I highly recommend MaxCare! We just had our floors restored over the weekend and their staff is exceptional. They take the time to explain things and really know what they're doing. I had my doubts about the whole 100% dust free but they delivered. We had no dust, the products they use are low odor (we had good weather and ventilation throughout the house) and our floors are simply beautiful. I praise Juan (the guy who did the staining) for all of the hard work he put in on a Saturday and even helping us with picking the color and a shout out to Doug (the "finisher") for having such an amazing attitude first thing in the morning and explaining his process in a professional manner. Really, I'm so impressed with the workers, can't thank you guys enough!! They need to be commended for their hard work and dedication.


- E. S.


Initially had us scheduled out a few weeks, but were able to move squeeze us in earlier. When we moved in, we had carpet covering the hardwood that had been there plus a connecting hallway that only had tile. They were able to restore our existing floors and blend in new floors and it all looks great (and is still looking great a few weeks later).


We were not moved in when we hired them, so that made life a little bit easier for everyone. The employees I interacted with were professional and courteous. I'd highly recommend them for hardwood work.


- A. F.


Absolutely exceeded expectations. The team that came out explained the process and timing and delivered on time. The floors and stairs are beautiful. There was no mess and not one area of baseboards needed touch-up. Highly recommend.


- R. H.


My floors look great! I would definitely recommend Maxcare. My floors were dull and worn. After Maxcare came in to refinish them, they now look brand new! Scheduling was easy! The woman I spoke to in the office was very knowledgeable and gave great insight making it easier to go through potential dates to fit my schedule. Great accommodation on their end! The process took two days total, and I couldn't be happier with the result. Gorgeous floors!


- M. S.


We were so happy with everything about MaxCare. We were getting my mom's empty house ready to sell, so it was already a little stressful to try and get there to meet people at specific times. The estimator was exactly on time and extremely professional. The sanders were also exactly on time, even a little early, and went above and beyond in moving their trucks from the driveway because Salvation Army was coming for a pickup. I was not able to be there at that time so I really appreciated them helping with that situation. There was not a speck of dust, no cleanup necessary at all. This was again so helpful since we were trying to get the house ready to go on the market right after the floors were done. The finishers were also (sounds like a broken record) exactly on time and professional. The office staff worked with me so courteously to arrange the timing of each visit and when the sanding was going to take two days, she found an earlier time than was originally promised, even though it wasn't necessary. I am so grateful to them for making a stressful situation so easy. And I have not yet mentioned that the floors were so, so beautiful. The house got an offer with the first showing. I am confident the beautiful floors were a huge reason. Thank you!!!


- J. K.


Perfect experience in every way, from quote to final billing. Floors look AMAZING, and the price was fantastic. As for the dust, I had accidentally left a measuring cup full of water on the counter in the room where the work was done, and when they were finished, there WASN'T ONE SPECK OF DUST floating on the water (nor was there dust to be found, ANYWHERE). Seriously, I think it's magic of some kind.


- S. D.