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Steps for cleaning:

The first step is to vacuum the floor often. By keeping the floor free of dirt and dust you will greatly reduce the abrasive action on any type of floor surface that you have. You will need to make sure that your vacuum attachment is of a type that will not scratch your floor.


Never wet mop, clean with oil soap, coat with acrylic dressing, like Mop and Glow, or apply past or liquid wax to a polyurethane surface floor. You can only damp mop with a non abrasive cleaner. When cleaning, you are cleaning the polyurethane, not the wood. Think of the floor surface more as a window or a mirror, if it will streak glass don't use it.


Things that you can use are; water, water and vinegar, water and alcohol and other non-abrasive cleaners. Just remember that all abrasive action, rubbing with a cotton rag, will have a slight dulling affect to the surface if done excessively. If water spots are a problem, clean the floor in the same direction as the wood grain, and it will be less noticeable.

Maintenance tips and tricks

While our experts will be more than happy to provide sanding and refinishing services for your hardwood floors, you can cut down on the times you need to call us with a few simple maintenance and care tips and tricks.


For example, you want to be sure to use protective mats at all exterior entrances to avoid getting mud, sand, and dirt on your floors — when ground under your foot, they act like little saw blades that tear up your finish.


Also avoid wearing spike or stiletto heels on hardwood floors.

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